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Do you want to stay ahead of the curve? Do you need to add that special touch to your marketing campaigns? Use the power of games!

Games are played by billions of people. Most of your customer are surely among those. Games can engage consumers and capture their attention in a way that traditional ads never could.

Branded games

Increase brand awareness & engagement

Increase website traffic

Stand out from your competitors

What is a branded game?

Branded games are games which are designed to promote a brand or its product, directly or indirectly. They allow brands to engage the consumer in a meaningful way.

Consumers are increasingly having very short attention spans. How do we engage them, when there's so much content out there? Delivering small, lightweight and highly engaging experiences make the most sense, given the short time frames available to ride the consumer trend waves.

With the explosive growth of mobile devices, branded games are every marketer's dream. Combined with our expertise in games technology, branded games can be developed quickly and distributed to consumers across smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

Why branded games?

Branded games are typically short, fun and highly engaging, and are designed with a responsive mindset.

Branded games are a powerful engagement tool since games easily capture attention, engage with their audience and forge lasting connection. Having an interactive game will place your brand at the center of conversation.

Support an upcoming campaign
Launch a new product
Send traffic to your website
Draw attention to your stand at an event

Platforms we work with

Embracing game development on most popular platforms and reaching the right audience for you, as well as making sure to cover your preferences and needs.

# PC

End-to-end game development for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

# Mobile

Game development for iOS and Android platforms, or cross-platform development.


Creating immersive realities and experiences using cutting-edge virtual and augmented relaity technologies.


Creating exciting games which can be played directly in a web browser.

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