The power of serious gaming

Get your organization ready for the future! Train and strainghten your team through virtual worlds and tools, as well as research new ideas and technologies through simulation.

Games are not just to have fun! Let us get to work to create your next business simulation.

Serious games

Train your stuff in a safe & controlled environment

Increase productivity by using simulations

Simulate, test and evaluate new ideas and technologies

What is a serious game?

Serious games are games whose purpose is to promote learning, behavior change, research, and virtual training.

Serious gaming is used in various areas such as education, healthcare, marketing and other businesses and industries. The power of serious games is that they are entertaining, engaging and immersive. Serious games combine learning strategies, knowledge and structures, and game elements to teach specific skills, knowledge and attitudes.

They also offer a safe virtual environment to test or train things that are way harder to do in real-life.


Serious games let you create a safe and controlled virtual environment where you can train your stuff in. People learn best by experiencing and daring to experiment.

By having your own virtual enviroment you can repeatetly train people in a more controlled manner. In many cases, real training may come with many big dangers. Simulations completely remove all those dangers. Moreover, in many other cases, it might even be impossible to train in real life

Example use cases
Racing training Surgery training Military training Mechanics training Airplane piloting training


Games are a very effective tool for learning. Learning while having fun maximizes the motivation and memorization. Educational games are especially effective when it comes to children and young students.

Example use cases
Learning math game for kids Solar system exploration for museums Language learning by playing


Simulations are a great way to set up a controlled environment and test theories, new ideas or new products. For example, many automotive companies test new driving assists to evaluate their performance before they manufacture them and install them in their cars.


There is a great variety of simulations you might want to develop to fit your needs. Anything that you may need to test in a virtual enviroment first can be simulated!

Example use cases
Driving & racing simulator Supermarket simulation (best products placement detection & analysis) Factory machines simulation Crowd management for big events simulation Interview simulations

Platforms we work with

Embracing game development on most popular platforms and reaching the right audience for you, as well as making sure to cover your preferences and needs.

# PC

End-to-end game development for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

# Mobile

Game development for iOS and Android platforms, or cross-platform development.


Creating immersive realities and experiences using cutting-edge virtual and augmented relaity technologies.


Creating exciting games which can be played directly in a web browser.

Sky is the limit!

Let us know what do you need to simulate, and we will take care of it for you.

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