Eazy Sound Manager is a simple tool which aims to make sound and music management in games easier. Playing a single audio clip is now as easy as calling one API function. The API can handle multiple music, game and UI sound effects at the same time while still giving you the option to interrupt previous audio clips when needed. Audio clips can be one shot, or looping.

Moreover, Eazy Sound Manager has the option to make music persist through multiple scenes, as well as add fade in/out transitions. Different global settings for music, game sound effects and UI sound effects are also implemented. However, each audio has its own volume setting which is always relative to its global volume.

Eazy Sound Manager

Simple yet powerful sound management

Play multiple audio clips

You can play multiple audio clips dynamically without having to set them in the scene. Play background music, sound effects and UI sound effects, all with different behaviours.

Control group or individual audios

Quickly access a group of audios or control them individually. Play, Pause and Stop function for both group and individual control.

Looping & fade transitions

Looping music or applying fade in/out transitions can be achieved super easily, since they are all handled for you under the hood. Moreover, fade transitions can be set to be applied automatically to specific audios.


Do you want your background music to persist across scenes and not be interrupted or stopped? No problem, it is super easy to flag audios for scene persistance.

Global & group-specific volume settings

Volume can be easily set globally, by group or individually. Global volume affects all audios while group volume affects all audios of a group.

2D & 3D

Audios can be played in 2D or 3D space. 2D audios are always heard the same, and are more appropriate for background music and UI sound effects. 3D audio can be used to make enviroment sounds more realistic.

Simple API

Handle all audio tasks from code using a very simple API. Many tasks are implemented in such a way that they can be achieved with a single line of code!

Fully documented

Full online documentation, including an API reference and a getting started manual.