Game Design & Development

Do you have a game project or certain components of it implemented? We provide full and partial game development services for most platforms. We can even just develop quick prototypes for you.

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Educational & Serious Games

We can develop full custom branded educational and serious games for research, demonstation, training and promotional purposes.

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VR Development

If you like to go even further and add realism to your game or project, go for VR . We can make any kind of project for you in virtual reality.

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Who are we

We are a small team of indie developers from the lovely island of Cyprus. We are all passionate about games, so we decided to join forces and go on a journey to create the most fun games ever made! We are all highly trained individuals with experience on what we do, therefore we also offer our services to various external projects. However, the secret to our out-of-this-earth skills, is the huge amount of research we do daily (AKA playing games :D).

Why Hellmade?

We started our first project as a team during the summer of 2016, in a very hot basement in Cyprus. Back then we were calling ourselves as Rawfish Games. However, we kept complaining for how hot it felt working in that basement, and how it felt like working in hell itself.

And then it came to us! Hellmade Games! We had not used the Rawfish Games name very publicly until then, so making the switch was an easy decision to make. And to be honest, we wanted a name we can make a badass logo for!


Great! We re always happy to work on new projects.

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